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Rules Submission Guidelines

The Arkansas State Library is now accepting digital submissions of agency rules. Digital submissions may be sent to

In accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, A.C.A. § 25-15-204, agencies must file with the Arkansas State Library a copy of any rule proposed by it, and a financial impact statement for the proposed rule.

In order to maintain a complete record of rules as they are promulgated, the State Library requests that agencies deposit a final copy of the rule with the State Documents Depository at the same time they are submitted to the Secretary of State's Office.

One copy of a completed Financial Impact Statement must be attached to each copy of a rule or regulation submitted.

Procedures to File Rules with the Arkansas State Library

Pertains to proposed, new, amended, or emergency rules. To be included with each submission:

  1. Agency Certification Form

    Make sure the form is accurate and complete. Only one form is required per deposit.

  2. Financial Impact Statement

    A copy of the completed Financial Impact Statement should be attached to the end of each copy of a rule filed with the library.

  3. Printed Copies of Rule

    The number of copies required is based on how the rule is published and distributed to the public:

    • Digital Only: digital copies of the Agency Certification Form, Financial Impact Statement, and Rule.
    • Digital & Print: 4 printed copies of Rule + 4 copies of Financial Impact Statement + digital copy of Rule.
    • Print Only: 12 printed copies of Rule + 12 copies of Financial Impact Statement.

All digital files may be submitted via email to

Send print deposits to:

Arkansas State Library
900 W. Capitol, Suite 100
Little Rock, AR 72201
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